Sunday Post: Sunrise

Venice sunrise on the Grand Canal

I love the early morning but I rarely ever get up early enough to enjoy it.  We were in Venice in September and it was still excruciatingly hot for trekking about so we all made the effort and were on the canal by 6.30 a.m.  and back in the apartment when the real heat of the day hit, to rest and recoup for the evening.

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25 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Sunrise

    1. I had a couple of opportunities to go to Venice over the years and passed both times. Then I decided I wanted to see it and I’m glad I did, but when the heat of summer still hangs heavily in the air amongst the crush of tourists is not the time to go – better to go way off season.


  1. Lynne, they’re gorgeous and most unusual shots of Venice – and sunrise! I’ll bet views of the city like this will have made up for getting up so early, not to mention the lovely sense of having the city to yourselves, at least until breakfast!
    Bad luck you hit a sweltering September, but then if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have had these most unusual times on the water:)


    1. I think this was where it was widening out actually into the surrounding sea … to tell you the truth I’m not sure which direction we were going in … as I indicated, not good in the a.m. 🙂


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