Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

The rule was no delving into the archives.  Had to be Today.  “Today” where I reside was overcast, flat, dull, drippy and nothing scenic was going to work.  So this is a shot of my Friday evening.  Fridays I get together with like-minded friends and play mahjong.  This is not the mahjong of the computer game variety (that so many of us play – me too).

5 bam, north wind, green dragon

This is played with 14 tiles and the object is to make one of the patterns shown on the card by drawing and discarding tiles.

The tiles come in three suits – bams, dots and cracks – each suit has 1 to 9 plus a matching dragon tile.  There are 4 of each number and dragon.

Plus there are 8 flowers, and 8 jokers or wild tiles.  Lastly there are the winds – 4 each of north, south, east and west. It’s fairly fast-moving  – we usually play 6 or 7 games in our two hours.  To keep the game fresh, an official card of new patterns is issued each April.

I’ve been playing regularly for over two years and still look forward to my Friday evening and the pursuit of the MAHJ – the winning hand.

Anybody else out there play?

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. Thanks for choosing one of my photos to include in your post! And your story brought back memories of my Mom playing Mah Jong with her friends, and of my once Dad trying to play..very unsuccessfully.


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