Lot 22

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This year is the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, the only war fought on Canadian territory.  This story seemed appropriate.  Stewart and Mary are my 4x great grandparents.

By May of 1812 Stewart Grafton and Mary McCool had made their way from the Carolinas all the way to York, present day Toronto.  Once there Stewart sought and secured an interview with Sir Isaac Brock, military commander and administrator of Upper Canada, telling him of their adventures.  After settling his family Stewart joined the York Militia.

On October 13, 1812 Stewart was on the field at Queenston Heights, the largest battle at that point in the war between United States regulars and New York militia forces and the British Forces, led by Major General Sir Isaac Brock. Before the battle was over Brock was dead, killed by an unknown shooter.

For his service Stewart was offered land in what is now down town Toronto near the present day Eaton’s Centre at Queen and Yonge Streets.

Eaton’s Centre, present day Toronto

Thinking it poor farming land though, he decided instead on another piece of land—Lot 22, north half of 100 acres, 3rdConcession, York, registered March, 1813.  He paid $400.00.

This farm was near what is today Eglington and Yonge.  The Avenue Road extension now cuts through the middle of the land he once farmed.  It was sold by his son Thomas Grafton in 1843 for $3,200.

Yonge & Eglinton today
Yonge & Eglinton looking west

One can only imagine what the value of that property would be today.

The information for Lot 22 was obtained from the document by Hartley Grafton as well as family tree research undertaken about 1962.  See also Journey to Upper Canada for more about Stewart and Mary.

11 thoughts on “Lot 22

  1. Hi Lynn, I was delighted to find your information on Hartley Grafton and Lot 22, THIRD Concession, Township of York. I am researching this lot as the first grant to John Denison (1793) — but patented by Peter Russell in 1797, inherited by Mr Russell’s sister Elizabeth in 1808, and the north half sold to Mr Grafton 1812. The only information I had on Mr Grafton’s purchase prior to finding your blog was a tiny hand-written note on a map in the wonderful! book SPADINA: A STORY OF OLD TORONTO (p. 25.) Some questions for you: Do you have any of the land transaction records (an indenture or agreement of purchase & sale, or such)? Do you know anything more about Mr Grafton (what did he do in Carolina?) You refer to a document by Hartley Grafton — would it possible for me to see that? Thanks in advance for any help! Wendy Smith. You can reach me via my website http://parklotproject.com


  2. so are you planning a trip to our area on the anniversary of the Battle of Queenston Heights; I believe you know of a very reasonable B&B where you can stay!


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