Five Minute Friday: Community

Gypsy Mama says: Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking

My Five Minute Friday on Tuesday – I”m running behind.

I find these to be an interesting exercise.  I have been treating it as five minutes of fiction – letting it flow off my fingers, not always where I thought I might go and oftentimes trite but perhaps something that could be honed and tweaked into something more.  This is what flowed from the word: Community

Community could mean the neighbourhood, or the community of the whole world but for her, community was the little smidgin of a lady at the bottom of the hill.  Living as she was in these long remote winters there was little contact with the outside.  Her sanity was saved by that loving lady who reflected the wisdom of the world in the lines of her face.  Whenever she needed a listener she knew where she could find her and these days she often needed a listener.  Everything welled up inside her, a dam waiting to burst she knew she needed to take the walk down the road so that she might stay sane one more day.  How she got to where she was she wasn’t quite sure, but now it was time to deal …


9 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Community

  1. Lynne, that is really good I liked it. I do write a lot, and I like to have fun with it. Sometimes I will think up a phrase and be like, that would make a killer ending, then write the entire thing backwards. It really is fun and teachs us a lot you should give it a try.


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