The question was …

Following on my last post

So we had booked a car with Hertz.  The question was, which one of us was actually going to drive it when it came time to leave the lot.  I asked Deb if she had prepared herself for driving and she said, in effect, ‘hell no, I was just going to deal with it when it happened.’   OK, so that’s not too reassuring.  The alternative of course, being me.  I, however, had being trying to psych myself up for it, imagining driving on the left, remembering those high-hedged, blind-curved, very narrow bicycle paths of rural Cornwall they call roads.  I figured I was as ready as I was going to be.  And it had been my idea, this motoring in Wales, so what could I say?

After we had resolved the insurance issue we got the keys to our brand new Ford Focus.  We stowed our luggage, which filled the boot; checked the interior for head room and leg room; had the agent show us the controls; got new and shorter directions to reach the M4 roadway … and then we walked down the road for a coffee.   This required a jolt of java .

Fortified, we returned, adjusted the seats, belted ourselves in, turned key in ignition, revved the engine, and with the Hertz agent guiding us onto the roadway, we took a deep breath, and we were off, with the agent’s last words trailing away Continue reading “The question was …”