Points of the Compass, Italian Style

By the time we headed towards Verrucole we had already been on the road for two weeks and, I must admit, I had a homesick moment and thought it might be nice to be heading home instead of climbing into the hills of Tuscany.  The weather didn’t change as we crossed the border from France into Italy, but, oh, the drivers did!  From a reasonably easy and courteous driving experience into the frenzied and chaotic pace that seems to be the earmark of the Italian driver – full out fast, or stopped; red or green and no in between.  Add to this too, that once off the autostrada, a Canadian might consider many of the narrow roads to be no more than paved bicycle paths.  We therefore stayed on the autostrada as long as we could before branching away from the coast and entering the hinterland that is Tuscany.

As we climbed and manoeuvred the switchback roads, we passed numerous small villages often perched precariously half way up the hillsides or on mountain tops. The valleys of Tuscany are very narrow – it is down the side of one tree-covered mountain and right up the side of another with villages built into the hillsides, often times perching one above the other.  Coming around yet another sharp bend in the road, I exclaimed, Continue reading “Points of the Compass, Italian Style”