Wales … how do you spell that?

It started with a remark to my lifelong friend at New Year’s, something about it being an anniversary year of some status of our friendship and wasn’t it worthy of a trip together.  Twenty years ago our anniversary trip had been to the Eastern Townships for an extended weekend.  Ten years ago it was five days in Vancouver.  This year it would be a trip to …. well, we had trouble figuring that out.    There were more than a few phone calls, some skyping, joint web sessions, an in-person session in Niagara-on-the-Lake, some grumbling from her husband about not having decided yet, and a number of ideas pursued and discarded before we confirmed that this anniversary would be spent in Wales.

In recent travels we have taken to naming our trips with an acronym—FRIT for our sojourn to FRance and ITaly, etc.  Now if Deb and I had gone to Ireland it would have been easy, it would be Continue reading “Wales … how do you spell that?”