I’m back from Thunder Bay’s babysitting stint and now it’s catch up time – emails, post, laundry, etc etc etc.  Spent all day at the computer and running up and down to the laundry.  I pulled the following from past writings –

I look before me and I see
the excitement and the unknown
and feel the anticipation

I look behind me and see
the loneliness and hope
and recall the despair

I look outward and see
the joy and emotion
and live the elation

I look inward and see
the faith and strength
and experience the security

I look upward and see
the sun
and touch the warmth

I look downwards and see
the roots
and imagine the birth

I look into your face and see
the experiences of life
and treasure the friendship

I see you look at me
and recognize the respect

I look at my lover and see

I look around me and see

I like receiving feedback ...

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