Workshop by Webinar

So, a few weeks back I signed up for a webinar with Johannes Vloothuis and even though I am still a thousand miles away from home on babysitting duty I was able to join in.  Now if I didn’t have this workshop phobia (see earlier post) I might have registered myself in a workshop that I had to travel whatever distance to attend in person and then been unable to attend due to subsequent call up to babysitting duty. 

Workshop by webinar really suits me quite well. Attending a webinar only involves heading to a nearby computer – no travel costs there and no time lost to the commute.  Attending a webinar I can wear my sweats or even my jammies if I want.  Attending a webinar I get to sit in the front row and see the demos up close and personal.  Attending a webinar can even be free such as the one I attended today.

Today was the first of a three-part series on painting waterfalls.  I enjoy Johannes’ easy presentation style and all the examples, instruction and demos he provides to help us understand exactly what he is talking about.  Eventually some of it sticks. Now when I am painting I am more aware of how the piece is developing. Like a mantra – think front to back;  paint shapes! instead of trees, or rocks or water; get the values right, juxtapose the warm and the cool, the light and the dark; it’s not what the eye sees – it’s how the eye sees. 

His instruction has added to my understanding of good composition, has helped me increase the depth in my paintings, has made the portraying of complex scenes easier and less intimidating and I think, as a result, my paintings are improving.

I like receiving feedback ...

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