Pastel Fix

This is a watercolour I did a while ago but wasn’t satisfied with.  I had already cropped out the top of the painting leaving just the foreground stream but it wasn’t enough.  While I liked specific areas, the overall painting was dead.  I had gone back in too many times and killed the colours … I should learn.  I didn’t want to toss it but neither did I want to display it anywhere, so I took my pastels to it.  I went in slowly, and just kept going and this is the result. It is on Arches 240 lb cold pressed paper and there was enough tooth to take the pastels.  The texture of the paper helped to give the sparkle which I felt was fortuitous although  I may need to adjust the sparkle in the upper centre.  I also need to do something about the red in the upper left corner but I think I am otherwise pleased with the transformation.  I have had it sitting on the easel for a few days now and I believe it’s done …. I think.

2 thoughts on “Pastel Fix

    1. It does doesn’t it. I have other watercolours that might benefit from the addition of some pastel. And in beginning a new pastel I am following Richard McKinley’s approach of doing a watercolour underpainting first. It makes it so much easier for me to get started on that glaring blank paper.


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